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peace of mind

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The Problem with Traditional Real Estate

You want to diversify away from traditional paper investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds), but traditional real estate investing is hard work.

You have to worry about…

Struggling to buy single family homes
Finding a good property

Finding a good property

securing a loan

Securing a Loan

paying a large downpayment

Paying a large downpayment

managing tenants

Managing Tenants

ongoing maintenance

Ongoing maintenance

paying for insurance

Paying for Insurance

property taxes

Property Taxes

clogged toilets

Clogged Toilets

rainy day funds

Rainy Day Funds

scheduling contractors

Scheduling Contractors

Wouldn’t you rather passively invest and have the freedom to spend more time with your family?

You Need a Smarter Investment Strategy

Put your money to work for you and generate passive income. Invest in commercial multi-family real estate with other like-minded individuals. With Vestus Capital, we do all the hard work, so you don’t have to!

Think of all you’ll be able to achieve…

early retirement

Early Retirement

college savings

College Savings

generational wealth

Generational Wealth

time freedom for family

Time Freedom for Family

geographic freedom

Geographic Freedom

Passive Investing Benefits

Why should you passively invest in commercial multi-family real estate with Vestus Capital?


No tenants, toilets and termite hassles


No need to sign on the loan


Invest in an exciting, emerging market


Enjoy diversification from paper assets


Leverage knowledge of experienced investors

The Vestus Capital Investor Path

Here’s how it works:


Start By

Applying to the Vestus Capital Investor Club (It’s Free).

A community of like-minded individuals who enjoy passive income.



Understand if your investment goals align with ours.

Get the tailored resources you need to invest with confidence.



We provide great deals — you choose the one(s) you like.

We guide you through the process.


Collect Earnings

  • Quarterly distributions
  • Profits at sale
  • Utilize your yearly tax benefits

Double Your Money in 5 Years

The best part about working with us is you earn passive income while doing the things you value most. 

So, how do you make the money? Every deal is unique, but here is a ‘typical’ investment. 

double your money in 5 years
Earn More Time by making your money work for you Your Guide to Successful Apartment Investing

Your Guide to Successful Apartment Investing

Discover how you can invest smarter, retire earlier, and enjoy dependable passive income while living life on your terms.

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