Aerospace Engineer to RE Investor, Playing to Your Strengths in REI with Flint Jamison

Hosted by Garrett Gatton & Seth Ciminillo

In today’s episode (#30) we interview Flint Jamison. Former aerospace engineer for over 20 years, Flint Jamison, took his experiences and background in mechanical engineering into the real estate sector. He recently quit his job and made the jump to helping other engineers find quality investments apart from Wall Street. Flint shows how you can create alignment with your skills and abilities and go faster and move farther!

Connect with Flint at:

Capital Raising Coach – Good Egg Investments

Life Coaching/Mastermind – Faisal Ensaun

Sales Coach – Keely Hubbard

Flint’s Li’l Nugget:Always visit your property! Listen to Flint’s SmallPockets story to get some context on this! Just take action. Even if it is small, just take a step forward! Connect with your Hosts:Garrett GattonLinkedInFacebookGarrett.gatton@gmail.comSeth CiminilloLinkedInFacebookSeth.ciminillo@gmail.comLi’l Nugget Segment music: “Hip-Hop 1” by Deff Syndicate is marked with CC BY 3.0.

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