Build Wealth w/ Real Estate, Maximize Your Time with Flint Jamison

Living The Dream
Hosted by Timmy Douglas

all right what’s up guys welcome back to another episode of the living the dream podcast today on the show we have Flint

0:07 Jamison who is the founder of vestus capital Flint how you doing I’m doing fantastic thanks for having me of course

0:14 man thanks for coming on the show and we like to jump right in so if you start with telling us a little bit more about

0:19 yourself and what you like to do for fun that’d be great yeah uh let’s go to the way back machine I’m a mechanical

0:26 engineer graduated from Colorado State University I uh my my claim to fame or I guess the

0:33 the coolest part about what I’ve done in my career is I helped design the 787 the

0:38 Boeing 787 uh from there I became got my MBA became a program manager and helped modify

0:44 aircraft for the Air Force and I just recently quit my W-2 but let’s focus a little bit on the real

0:50 estate so go back in time again 2018 I bought a duplex at bird it it was it was

0:56 good and all but I realized all that work all that capital uh it wasn’t going to get me to any

1:03 early retirement or Financial Freedom very quickly so I found syndications and I haven’t

1:11 looked back so since then I’ve I’ve partnered with experienced teams on

1:16 single multi-family assets I’ve done fun to funds I’m doing build to rent right now so

1:22 things are uh things are exploding and I’m no longer in my W-2 yeah yeah there

1:27 we go um is there was there a market change that made you go the build to rent route

1:34 uh or just an opportunity that fell in your life yeah it was It was kind of an opportunity I mean that asset class is

1:41 just just blowing up uh there is so much demand like billions of dollars actually

1:47 hundreds of billions of dollars in institutional money is going towards investing in built to rent communities

1:52 but they don’t build so we’ll build and we’ll sell it to them and investors get

1:57 along for the ride so the investors get in at the development level and so uh I have some friends that built

2:04 to rent is basically like syndicators who partner with Builders and then start

2:10 doing new development and we chose build to rent and I I just happen to know these guys and they started pumping that

2:16 they’re doing built to rent so as I expressed my interest and they pulled me in yeah yeah absolutely that’s awesome so

2:25 you started real estate in 2018 and syndication started what year

2:30 uh I I would say I started educating myself via um online videos and podcasts back in

2:37 2019 um 2020 I started networking with people and really getting more serious

2:44 I think it yeah going back in the way back machine again in 2021 I had my first fail my very first indication was

2:50 a 23 unit right outside of Denver we had to back out of that deal um and my the earnest money went hard

2:58 and I lost thirty thousand dollars so you think of these mentorship programs out there that cost thirty thousand dollars well I got mine to the world of

3:06 Hard Knocks I learned a lot and I may have learned more through that failure than I would have through some

3:11 Guru program so um no investors were harmed in that but I immediately took that took the

3:17 weaknesses got another coach and uh yeah here I am I got a coach to

3:24 figure out how to solve my weakness and then just started growing and became successful yeah yeah absolutely I um I

3:34 had a 16 unit under contract um I wasn’t gonna Syndicate it was gonna be more of a JV

3:40 but nobody like I didn’t have the strong enough Connections in my network so nobody trusted me on the deal yes nobody

3:47 would come in on me and I just I lost the earnest money luckily it wasn’t anywhere near 30 000 it was more like

3:52 two or three thousand but um it just yeah it’s rough yes

4:00 and what’s funny is you talk to enough syndicators out there and whether it’s they having a back out on earnest money

4:06 or I mean there’s people that have lost hundreds of thousands if not a million

4:12 dollars on a on a given transaction and a lot of those they have managed to

4:17 protect their investors but they have taking a deep hit in their pocket yeah

4:22 yeah absolutely so are you primarily on the raising Capital

4:28 side do you also operate slash asset manage tell us a bit more so from an SEC

4:33 perspective we can’t just be 100 Capital raisers unless we create a fund of fund and that’s that’s a different gig but uh

4:41 yes primarily Capital raising but I have to to bring value elsewhere and on one

4:47 asset I did Asset Management on another’s like the bill to rent I’m doing a lot of upfront

4:54 um website investor relations um lead flow there’s there’s a lot of

4:59 stuff on the front end that I’m working on from a Capital raising standpoint that’s helping them out yeah yeah

5:06 absolutely well tell us about your motivation what gets you up and gets you going every day

5:11 yeah the whole it’s funny that I started out with that duplex thinking you know what I’m just gonna buy a big portfolio

5:18 and and retire early and live off a passive income

5:23 uh once I got in the syndication world everything started changing because

5:29 anyone you meet in this and who’s a serious indicator has

5:34 uh a different mindset everyone’s coming from a different background they could be doctors nurses lawyers wine makers

5:42 you name it Engineers like myself and it’s and it’s the mindset of abundance and let’s go change the world

5:50 and time is the most valuable we can’t call it a command it’s the most

5:55 valuable thing to us humans so let’s maximize it it just it just changes the perspective and that’s

6:03 exactly what I want I I want time you got to focus on time because I have two kids and I just want to live

6:11 with to maximize my time with a 406 year old and I want to be able to travel the world I want to be able to give back

6:18 yeah I love it maximize your time travel the world give back

6:25 um curious you just quit your W-2 is that like in the past month in the past year uh two months ago January two

6:34 months March and I assume it’s because of the success of your deals yeah yeah

6:40 um and it’s not I didn’t 100 replace my income because at some point I was working

6:45 nights and weekends for two two and a half years at some point it becomes unsustainable it gets really hard to

6:52 scale to just doing nights and weekends and you get really burnt out you start becoming less effective in your day job

6:58 and you start becoming and you’re just you can only do so much nights and weekends so it’s not sustainable you

7:04 just have to choose to to make that leap luckily my wife makes a

7:09 she has a good salary so uh we’re just gonna live on her income and everything I bring in is bonus until

7:16 I get stability and then it I mean it’s I don’t think it’s going to take long before I Skyrocket in a few years from

7:23 now she will be work optional as well yeah when it takes off it takes off yeah

7:28 especially like with the deals you have going most of the time the syndicators see the profit on the back end of the

7:33 deal three to five years out is that right yeah so let’s let’s break this down a little bit more a lot of people ask this question there’s multiple ways

7:40 we make money the one is largely it’s it’s on the upside because of the equity and at the sale

7:46 um we do share in the cash flow as long as we’ve met like a preferred return but

7:53 in the beginning we do get an acquisition fee so you can kind of look at that as like the active income first

8:00 indicator it takes four to five hundred hours to close on a given property if you have

8:05 100 unit 200 unit property that takes a ton of time so we give ourselves an acquisition fee

8:11 anywhere between one and three percent that is usually a healthy amount to

8:16 divide it amongst a few of us right you take like a 20 million dollar a 20 million

8:22 dollar apartment building divide that a three percent and five GPS

8:28 or ten GPS you can get a good healthy uh fee from that and that that is really

8:35 what sustains us until the full cycle deals start coming through and then that’s when really the the big money

8:41 hits yeah yeah absolutely just curious what is like the normal amount of

8:47 syndications that any given syndicator can close per year we’re looking at one a year two a year you get into four of

8:54 you uh geez some of the guys are some of these bigger groups are doing six to

9:00 eight or more yeah um but at that point you have a company and you have 30 to and

9:07 you look at Rice 48 they have 200 employees working for them so and they’re fully vertically integrated with

9:13 property management general contractors um people like me I I Target I want to

9:19 do six last year I only did three but the economy is also a driver in this

9:25 yeah it’s some assets are harder to get right now the interest rates are high and then also investors investors have

9:32 really retracted the new Cycles have got a lot of people scared and they just sending on their money inflation’s

9:38 eating away and at people’s pockets while they they fear investing so

9:44 yeah there’s a lot of factors that that are slowing us down yeah for sure how do you navigate those

9:51 conversations when you’re talking with investors and they’re sitting on their money kind of fear going on

9:57 yeah it’s a delicate conversation um I I stopped watching the news oh like

10:03 two years ago just because it annoys me it’s just like click bait and and they

10:09 they hit on these stories that’ll get attention but it’s not necessarily the reality

10:16 so I I wish I would watch more news so I’d know what what’s getting pumped into people’s minds

10:23 but it is it’s it’s hitting those pain points is the stock market doing what you think it’s gonna do for you are you

10:30 satisfied with the stock market returns and sometimes they’re like no are you looking to catch up

10:35 on your retirement so you can retire to ag1 or retire at yeah well sometimes it’s good to invest in a property that

10:43 gives you cash flow now versus waiting for that that time when

10:48 your retirement your nest egg is going to be available you can control your income you invest for income rather than

10:54 invest for opening your nest egg is big enough so there’s there’s a lot of points you

11:00 can hit and that’s really what I try to dig out of investors because everybody has a different pain point

11:05 yeah yeah absolutely well awesome so we know you’re trying to

11:11 you know maximize your time travel and give back do you have any specific ways you’re looking to give back

11:18 yeah there’s a program called Engineers Without Borders it’s like Doctors Without Borders but Engineers find ways

11:26 to create like water filtration systems in Africa or these third world countries or find way to get

11:32 power in the communities that don’t have it I mean there’s all sorts of unique ways that Engineers can solve problems

11:40 around the world I gotcha I didn’t know about engineers Without Borders that’s interesting yeah

11:46 it’s lesser known yeah well there we go let’s jump into dreams

11:51 and goals now Engineers Without Borders traveling back any others that you want to chat about like do you see yourself

11:57 with the vertically integrated company here in five ten years or where do you see that going uh yeah 200 employees

12:04 this is in two years no you know what’s funny I I kind of don’t

12:09 set some of those aspirations I’ve I’ve allowed myself

12:16 more serendipitous uh growth because as long as you’re bringing a huge amount of

12:21 value to people and you’re targeting uh I mean I’m targeting time Freedom so to

12:27 me having a company with 200 employees seems like a job

12:32 and you don’t have to have that in order to have Financial Freedom so if there’s

12:38 a partnership that that lands in my lap that I just feel like this is perfect

12:43 we’re all going to complement each other we all want the time freedom in the end and we can all support each other to get

12:49 there I’ll do it but yeah I mean I don’t have aspirations to

12:55 have a hundred million dollars in my bank account it’s not necessary I need enough to live the life I just

13:03 want to live yeah yeah absolutely I like that perspective was there ever a point where

13:09 you wanted that 100 million dollars and you had to shift that perspective are you have you always been kind of grounded

13:15 uh I always well that’s funny you asked that because I never figured I would get to 100 million even though I probably

13:21 could now it’s in real estate it’s it’s very possible if I put my myself to it but

13:26 no as an engineer you’re never going to get to that 100 million dollar bank account so

13:32 uh no but where I guess to answer the question in a different way how I

13:37 shifted my perspective to this serendipitous um a life growth is I I was talking to

13:44 some leaders back when I’m in Corporate America I’m interviewing these higher level people and this guy is like you know how did

13:51 you get to where you are because he was a director of of um a big department

13:57 probably doing really well and I was like so are you satisfied at where you

14:03 got to and he’s like no I just wanted to be a VP like he did not get to the point where he wanted to be even though he’s

14:10 making good money he’s in an astute position he was he wasn’t satisfied with where he

14:16 got in life and he was retiring soon I’m like yeah that sucks I mean he just beat himself to death

14:23 working super hard taking on more and more responsibility working more and more hours you know the rat race yeah

14:29 and then he wasn’t happy with where he got to that’s not even the life to live

14:34 another VP I talked to uh I asked him how he got to where he got to and he said you know it’s serendipitous you

14:40 just you keep providing value you work hard and all of a sudden opportunities fall on your lap and that one sounds good you go do that and next thing you

14:46 know you end up in some totally different spot you never expected but it’s it’s something that’s

14:52 you can really get behind and enjoy those those two mindsets are very different I’m like oh I’m going to

14:58 choose this this other mindset yeah yeah I like that

15:03 the serendipitous mindset also leads to you just uh I feel like being more

15:09 present and just enjoying life a bit more yes accepting stuff as it comes

15:14 which I feel like is really the key to life you know you could get all the success in the world but if you’re miserable you hate yourself and you hate

15:20 the moment you’re in yeah it’s not worth anything so I could dig it I could dig it yeah

15:26 well awesome so I’m trying to I had a question in the back of my head

15:33 and I’ll try to remember it I guess for I saw you primarily deal with Engineers

15:40 when it comes to raising Capital are you like just using your network from when

15:46 you were working are you running ads do you have like a freebie you give out what’s the kind of yeah yeah so let’s

15:53 let’s talk about engineers really quick um they’re very hard to convert and I I get

16:00 it I’m an engineer there’s skepticism all the time skepticism and Analysis

16:07 paralysis it’s really hard to convert and engineer it takes a lot of effort

16:12 um but I do for the longest time I was just doing

16:17 LinkedIn I still am LinkedIn is my number one place I I post I create value

16:23 I educate and then I get inbound leads but as of January I started doing

16:29 outbound reach and starting connecting to um higher level higher net worth

16:35 engineering right VP of Engineers directors of engineering just because I know those you gotta have

16:42 people with deeper pockets in order to start investing fifty thousand dollars or more comfortably yeah

16:48 yeah do you ever have clients are they taking the 50k right out of their you

16:54 know checking account or is this like a 401k conversion yeah

16:59 um so the solo 401K is is hard to do because you have to have your own business without any employees I have

17:06 one I have a solo for 1K um just I guess for your listeners let’s go back on that a little bit you can

17:13 convert if you have your own company you can set up a solo 401K you take basically I took my old Boeing 401

17:19 turned it into a solo 401 and now I have self-directed or checkbook control where I can deploy it to if I want to invest

17:26 in crypto or real estate uh Boolean I think I can buy gold with it

17:31 um it’s nice because now I have more control over my 401 money you can also do the same with self-directed IRAs

17:37 that’s more that’s the easier path for most people you know there’s no threshold or special requirements you if

17:45 you just have an IRA you can turn it into a self-directed um I did HELOC I like to talk about all the

17:52 ways I can get my money so I have a ton of equity in my primary residence so you

17:58 go to the bank you get a HELOC back when I got it I was like a three percent interest rate and I was investing into

18:04 properties giving 15 to 20 annual average returns seems like a fair trade and there’s a ton of so if you don’t use

18:11 your equity in your house it’s debt Equity it means nothing if you don’t plan on selling your house that’s a ton of value that’s totally worthless a lot

18:18 of people like to say I have a ton of equity in my house well what good is it unless you plan on moving

18:25 to use that equity for something else or unless you start trying to invest it and leverage it

18:30 uh there’s a fourth one yeah selling stocks

18:36 or you know they have fifty thousand dollars in the savings account that’s so to to be honest I get all I get multiple

18:43 a lot of people will move the money out of the stock market and push it into these and savings accounts as well as

18:50 self-directed IRAs gotcha gotcha gotcha out of the stock

18:55 market the self-directed IRAs and did you say a decent number doing helocs as well or less on the heat I

19:03 to be honest HELOC money comes through as just cash to us we don’t see it whether it’s coming from a HELOC same

19:09 with people selling money out of the stock market giving it to us to us it’s just cash yeah

19:14 um with self-directed IRAs and 401ks that is those need to remain in certain shelters we have to have paperwork in

19:21 place uh there’s llc’s in place so those are much more obvious to us

19:27 I got you well nice are there any skills that you

19:32 feel like you need to develop to really get to that next step towards your dreams and goals

19:38 oh God so many um this is why I hire coaches I’m now on

19:43 my uh third third coach so every every time

19:49 you find a weakness you got to go find a coach and sometimes you just gotta dive deeper and deeper like for syndicators you start off with syndication 101 you

19:55 learn the whole thing but a certain point you got to figure out what what your thing is going to be and dive deep

20:01 so I ended up Capital raising and now I have a sales coach uh marketing is hard I need I need help

20:08 there and so that’s where I get coaching but now I need to start hiring out for that the other thing is when you start

20:14 working for yourself even though I’ve managed a big program had lots of employees

20:22 I’m finding it’s hard to manage myself like it time blocking and and just

20:30 hitting the low hanging fruit versus spending the time on the big challenging thing that makes the most value that is

20:36 really hard to do so that’s just being better with using my time

20:41 I gotcha So when you say marketing I know you’re doing like LinkedIn right now yeah a

20:49 vision for other forms of marketing that you’ll be doing skills

20:56 you know they they always say hone in on what’s working and and don’t

21:03 don’t spread yourself too thin across the board like going and creating content for tick tock and Instagram and

21:10 Twitter and once you get too many I can only create so much content and the

21:17 engagement right and you got to deal with algorithms so just focus in on where your audience is that’s key but

21:23 outside of that and I consider this more sales side you got to get in front of people so I’m starting to get better at

21:30 going to local meetups I did a chamber of commerce thing last week which actually turned out pretty fruitful

21:36 there was only like 11 people in the room but I got a lot of attention that day there’s people who want to find

21:42 better ways to invest their money and you just you gotta put yourself out there and talk to everyone tell people

21:48 in an elevator sit next to people at a bar and you know just just start a conversation

21:54 yeah absolutely that is so interesting I like the um

22:00 it’s still a very one-to-one approach you know like usually when you use marketing it’s like Facebook ads throw

22:07 ten thousand dollars in get 10 000 leads and convert 100 yeah no that’s even worse

22:14 than that I think so no we don’t no throwing money at ads uh that’s that’s not very good

22:21 um I know a lot of people create books I think for some that’s okay but for a lot

22:26 of them they spend a lot of money like twelve thousand dollars to get a book and they barely get anything from it

22:32 um it all comes down to that person on person contact it’s the relationship when people are investing fifty thousand

22:39 dollars they’re putting their trust in you you’ve got to have that one-on-one relationship

22:45 yeah yeah I feel that um have you ever

22:50 thought about I was reading this one book I think it was called getting the money

22:56 by Susan Lasseter Leones or something like that I think that’s what the book is called and she actually talked about

23:01 direct mail for getting private investors have you ever thought about that yes I hired a marketing company

23:09 last year I’m not working with them anymore but they had a financial advisor

23:15 client who very specifically did just mailers to affluence

23:22 communities in a given City he just had very very specific targeted market and

23:28 he had enough clients in that market that referrals get around and the mailers come in all of a sudden

23:35 uh he would get enough conversions I thought about doing that and I still might but I need marketing help to do

23:42 that because for me to figure out how to write a a mailer that’s going to convert

23:47 people uh I that’s once again I’m an engineer yeah but I wouldn’t mind having someone

23:55 who’s good at that right you got to write the the correct uh things I mean it’s it’s all comes

24:03 down to copywriting the better you are at it it does for sure for sure

24:08 um there was this podcast I listened to as well do you know Whitney Sewell

24:14 yeah yeah yeah his podcast had like a raising Capital episode and I think there was this one syndicator that like

24:21 went to an accountant who sent like I think it’s a K1 is it a K1 yeah yeah he

24:27 was sending out k1’s like an accountant that sent out a bunch of K ones he’s like hey I’ll pay for your mailing cost if you let me slip an advertisement for

24:33 my company in the mail and by doing that you know

24:39 he got sent out to like a thousand people or however many clients the accountant had who are already investing

24:44 in real estate and so when they saw that company recommended by the account recommended by the account right like

24:49 put some quotes around that you’re just your name is with the accountant’s brand he got a lot of leads like that dude

24:56 that is brilliant yeah all right noted accounts can be kind of

25:01 hard to talk to but if you buy a good one um yeah uh yeah absolutely maybe my the my

25:10 accountant would be down for that probably yeah that’s awesome that’s awesome and then

25:17 um so I got sales coach for your sales skills yeah just talked about marketing a little bit and then you’re working on

25:24 managing yourself as well the time blocking and doing really impactful things versus like the Nitty Gritty yeah

25:31 yeah I feel that that is always like a it’s really hard when you are alone too

25:38 like when you’re going to an office like even if you’re a CEO and you’re going to an office there’s still more accountability than when you have your

25:45 whole day and you’re designing your whole day and a good chunk of it might not be meetings right now it might be

25:51 doing some deep work on some really impactful things and so yeah time blocking that’ll get you man I guess and

25:57 the thing is is you’re working at home and you can just get on your computer like I’m still doing nights and weekends

26:03 because I just got stuff to do I’m a solopreneur exactly but at least I know

26:08 I can walk away at one o’clock in the afternoon if I have to and go take a kid to the doctor it doesn’t matter I can

26:15 take three days off and go skiing with the family so there’s there’s perks to it but

26:21 you can also work yourself to death if you don’t you know really control your own time yeah absolutely

26:28 what are the highest impact daily actions that tick needle forward for you right now

26:34 um as my sale coach says engage engage engage you you just have to do Reach Out

26:40 code leads whether it’s calling existing leads and cultivating that that relationship or uh reaching out to New

26:47 Leads I think that’s the biggest impact I can make yeah there we go

26:53 and is there a character trait you need to develop right now to kind of get to that next step

27:01 oh there’s always character traits um

27:07 I need to learn how to do copy better I don’t know that that’s a character trait um

27:13 I need to be a better Communicator it all comes back to this I have there’s a very good reason why I have a sales

27:20 coach because as an engineer getting into sales and marketing it’s a brand new world for me so uh communication

27:27 I think is probably it just comes down to that yeah yeah I gotcha

27:33 communication what do you think is the hardest part for communication when it uh for you

27:42 I think it’s the the written copy and and saying the things that’ll bring people and the

27:50 things that’ll engage people because you can write all sorts of stuff all day long and No One’s Gonna engage with it

27:55 it’s finding a way to to be able to communicate something that

28:02 will Drive engagement and when there’s engagement that’s when you get more

28:08 value that’s when more leads start coming inbound people um

28:13 and then that is to be honest the algorithms of all social media will start driving your content further and you’ll get more reach yeah yeah

28:21 absolutely I have a like learned a little bit about

28:27 copywriting and it still eludes me like it’s still like even when you know like the basics of it the foundation of it is

28:32 like words that like address fears or words that address like their deepest desires

28:39 you know and like use the words that they use in their everyday life it’s still like really hard to get that

28:45 sentence to get so I’ve been at it for a year on LinkedIn and

28:51 um I’ve been getting better I mean putting in the Reps in practice you’ll always get better right so now I’m reading a book called copywriting

28:57 Secrets by Jim Edwards I was gonna suggest that book to you so I’m in the middle of it

29:05 but yeah it’s goodness and I feel like I know a lot of it I just need to figure out how to be better at it yeah or I

29:12 hire someone that’s good at it because at some point there’s the book who not how I need to start hiring who’s rather

29:18 than figure out how to do it on my own yeah absolutely especially because with

29:24 copywriting you know if you get a good copywriter and you pay them two thousand dollars to write you some direct mail

29:30 that’s going to bring you 100 investors if you send out five thousand of them you know it’s like oh yeah that’s

29:36 totally worth it yeah yeah that is totally worth it um but yeah you know some copywriters

29:42 will charge you a hundred thousand dollars so be careful who you go in yes I I don’t you know what’s funny I had a

29:50 funny Side Story I had the marketer who worked with Grant Cardone reach out to me

29:55 and I had no idea that this particular marketer created Grant Cardone like he

30:02 wouldn’t exist without this marketing team the whole 10x brand all of his big speeches they

30:09 created him yeah I’m like whoa uh they they’ve created some other very

30:15 big well-known people and um I know some people actively doing it

30:21 now and they’re they’re LinkedIn profiles are just blowing up so I was

30:26 like all right I’m half tempted but how much do you cost and it was ten thousand

30:32 dollars a month I’m like well maybe someday

30:39 yeah after after a couple more syndications oh yeah I need it

30:44 I need to give a yeah it’s funny because it’s almost like a catch-22 because if there was a way I could afford that now

30:53 where would I be in six months or a year from now like would I just make up all

30:58 that ground like I go get a small business loan just to cover one marketer who’s gonna make me explode I don’t know

31:05 I was about to say you might want to look into business credit if that is the like if you really believe if you’re

31:12 seeing that company blow some other linkedins up and they can bring you 200 investors in the next year is that 200

31:20 investors worth more than 120 000 to you probably you know just put a number on it yeah yeah and so

31:28 um yeah that’s interesting that’s interesting yes do you feel like you kind of should go

31:34 for it but something’s holding you back yeah oh always so here’s the problem you

31:40 hear this a lot in the world of syndicators like I have gone deep into the hey do you have a marketing company

31:47 that works really well do you have a good copywriter do you have a good VA you’re just constantly asking around who’s got good resources and when it

31:54 comes to marketing all the people I’ve asked are like no I just lost a bunch of money I’ve lost a lot and I’ve I could

32:00 say I’ve probably lost several thousand dollars to marketing attempts that I’ve paid for

32:07 and that’s where you get this reservation of God am I just gonna throw another thousand dollars is something

32:13 that’s not going to work let alone ten thousand dollars it’s something that right yeah I don’t know

32:20 even the va’s like I I’m now digging back into finding a VA to help with just

32:26 random admin stuff doing website stuff you know that’s the low-hanging fruit that I shouldn’t be spending time on

32:31 I can pay a VA five bucks an hour but how much effort am I going to take just to get them the work and teach them

32:38 through like I could just have done it already but that’s also the hard part because after you train them it’ll be completely

32:45 off your plate but it takes more time up front to train them than it would be to just do it this one time yeah

32:54 I was talking to a company today their their minimum is uh is 20 hours a week I’m like man I

33:00 would love to offload 20 hours a week but I don’t know how to offload 20 hours a week I just without knowing the

33:06 capability it’s going to take me 40 hours that week just to figure out how to offload 20 hours it’s just I think I

33:13 need to baby step myself into this so I need to go to it just need to find another VA that’s

33:19 competent and just deal deal with the the training yeah maybe it’ll come through yeah maybe

33:26 you should look for a VA that can copyright I bet there’s one out there you know the VA yeah you know I’ve actually got a form right now uh

33:34 estate side copywriter that I’m I was filling out right before dialing into this so

33:42 because you can’t I don’t think you can you know you can hire these people in the Philippines or India for five

33:48 dollars an hour and they’re very capable at doing WordPress website like my

33:53 podcast went live go put it in there all the simple admin stuff they are more than capable and five dollars an hour is

33:59 totally worth it um copywriting is way different yeah

34:04 that is like you gotta have someone who’s native English speaker you got to

34:10 have someone who understands the market the niche market you got to put in more money

34:17 absolutely well awesome if there were one or two people that you can meet right now it could be a specific person or a type of

34:24 person and they’d help you take that next step would it be the copywriter uh or it would be someone else uh you

34:32 know what would be really great is a marketer who can help me build a full

34:38 strategy like right now my strategy is just hit LinkedIn and do some Outback

34:43 um I I need someone that can give me a better cohesive marketing strategy which

34:51 can give me more Focus like it might be keep doing LinkedIn keep doing your thing but then add mailers and then go

34:58 do this other thing and let’s get you on a talking circuit and get you on the stage right it’s it’s someone that can

35:05 confidently tell me and point me in the right direction yeah for sure do you have a goal for how

35:11 many investors you would need before you could do all the syndications you want to do in a given year

35:18 um that’s a great question to be honest I’m just shooting for a four million dollar raise at this year that that’s my target

35:26 uh and that could come in many shapes I mean I’ve I have some investors in my database I haven’t converted yet but

35:32 they could do a million dollars or five hundred thousand dollars but a majority of them are fifty thousand dollar investors so it’s going

35:38 to take a lot to get there yeah yeah how many fifty thousand dollars what is that 80 50 000 investors

35:45 uh yeah something like that because a million would be

35:51 money yep that’s right yeah 80 people

35:56 so that’s why I mean investors are hard to convert so that’s why it’s nice to have the 100K investors the 250 the 500

36:03 here and there what does your investor touchpoint program look like is it like once a week once every two weeks once a

36:08 month uh I got monthly newsletters but I also do monthly meetups okay um

36:14 I I have direct campaigns and stuff for the initial download and then

36:21 um and then I do I try to get on the phone I need to get better let me put it

36:26 this way I need to get better at getting on the phone and just talking to them but it’s hard when you have it I mean my

36:31 database is relatively small compared to others but I have 300 people in there and 300 people to call yeah yeah I gotcha

36:39 there we go well nice a marketer who can help you build a full strategy yeah is

36:45 there anything that you would be opposed to doing in a marketing strategy I think ads and SEO I’ve already been

36:53 down that rabbit hole and I’ve also with my coaching it’s just not worth it

36:59 yeah until I maybe I’m you know able to pay ten thousand dollars for a marketing

37:04 company a month then maybe ads is worth it very true very true very true but SEO

37:10 is also one of those things you have to pay 30 to 60 000 a year and you have to have a company that’s willing to create

37:17 content and pump it out there every day that’s the only way to win the SEO game and at a certain point it’s just not

37:23 worth it yeah yeah I gotcha if you

37:28 do you think being with that company where you pay ten thousand a month for two years

37:34 would make you more or less than two hundred and forty thousand dollars I would hope it makes me way more but

37:42 that’s the thing right do you believe it would actually make you more are you kind of that’s little so this is where like the engineer me Engineers are

37:48 skeptical and this is where I feel a little skeptical because

37:54 uh some of that relies on the personality like Grant Cardone is just this this big personality that they can

38:01 leverage I’m I’m a more quiet personality I and that’s that’s going to

38:06 be harder I can’t get on a TV show and just just deliver and grants just good at it

38:12 he’s just a great talker he was born to be a great uh just thrown in the fire and able to

38:20 say whatever he says right I yeah it’s hard for me to do that yeah back to the

38:26 communication piece [Laughter] I gotcha I got you interesting

38:31 interesting so they they did like all of his bookings and everything huh it wasn’t like that’s my impression that’s

38:37 what they’re saying yeah let’s get you on TV shows let’s get you on stages let’s build this book let’s do the the

38:44 whole 10x brand is theirs wow wow yeah they created that that’s

38:51 impressive that is a big brand yeah and they’ve done some other massive

38:57 Brands so yeah it’s it’s crazy

39:03 who do you think you would be two years from now paid them two hundred forty thousand dollars do you think your

39:09 communication skills will have been honed such that you are it’s possible in

39:15 a different way yeah and I’d own a Gulf Stream and be flying around in a private jet

39:20 a yacht in the Caribbean yeah um yeah I don’t know but it’s the thing

39:26 do you it’s not what I want I have I mean

39:31 it’d make me a bunch of money and then I could exit stage left and just write the wave that I created

39:37 but yeah it’s such a great question and I think about it all the time I there’s another marketer who I think could do a

39:45 great job and she said five thousand a month and that that was my initial gut punch and then I ended up talking to

39:51 this other team at 10 000 a month and I’m like oh that 5000 sounds a little better now yeah yeah what would it take

39:58 for you to commit to it right now what would have to happen

40:03 uh maybe that’s a great question I don’t know I I don’t know I would have to

40:09 think about that a lot I think one I need more money in my pocket to throw at that

40:15 it’s how you get more money in your pocket though it’s how yeah it’s true yeah you got to spend money to make

40:21 money um I would have to get very creative like I got a lot of money out there building

40:27 equity and some cash flow but it’s not like

40:33 yeah hey just just uh Syndicate the money and give people equity in your brand

40:40 you know what’s funny is part of the way they make money is one they get you started on ten thousand dollars a month

40:46 retainer and then um once you start making money like you’re

40:51 doing keynote speeches and getting ten thousand dollars making ten thousand dollars on the Keynotes

40:56 talk that you they put you in and wrote your speech for you they do a a profit share

41:02 so that’s their incentive they like continue all right you’re you’re now gonna get out there or you’re gonna make

41:08 you money and you’re gonna give us part of the profit split so that’s their business model

41:13 they sound like some good people to be around that’s all I’m saying yeah I mean they’re well connected that’s for sure

41:20 yeah that’s awesome well cool we’re gonna jump into our thriving three now these are uh these questions are a bit

41:25 quicker what’s your favorite book movie or podcast pick one so let’s go a favorite book and I always

41:32 choose a different book because I like a lot of them but killing sacred cows came across my My Feet Again recently and I I

41:40 read that over a year ago but the society has taught the poor middle

41:45 class how to do how to manage your money in one way and then the wealthy do something completely

41:52 different and it’ll open your eyes to why the wealthy do it and the way we’ve been

41:58 trained to do things like your retirement accounts I’ll be honest they they aren’t the bee’s knees you think

42:04 they are that’s right killing sacred cows will will help you

42:09 open your mind and understand why yeah awesome what’s one way you like to take care of yourself

42:16 I work out four to six days a week

42:21 Lipton cardio CrossFit so both there we go

42:27 and what is one action step you can take right now two meet that marketer who could help you

42:33 build that full strategy I know you’re gonna go right back there what’s What’s it gonna take to get you

42:39 in this car today uh yeah you know I

42:46 oh man I I was doing some soul searching earlier today as I was looking for some

42:51 va’s it comes back to where do I need the most help maybe I knock off the low-hanging fruit

42:58 the noise the crap out of me and get that VA and then I need a marketer it’s like

43:03 those those two back to back

43:09 yeah that’s okay

43:14 it’s been eating at me for a while now how long has it last how long is a while

43:19 uh let’s see I hired my first VA a year ago fired them two months late yeah two

43:25 months later uh I hired a marketing team back in October November

43:31 that didn’t work out in January they they actually quit before I I quit I

43:36 dropped them and I I haven’t gotten anyone back on the horse yet

43:42 um so that girl for five thousand dollars a month what did she say she would do for you is it similar like get your own TV

43:48 shows get you speaking no no it’s nothing like that hers is more very very targeted lead generation and doing uh

43:56 marketing like I think she would help with doing the copy getting me on the right

44:05 places in social media not hitting them all um

44:10 you know that’s a great question we didn’t we didn’t go too deep but uh she is a very specific Finance driven

44:18 marketer she understands the world I plan a lot of marketers have no clue

44:24 which is why you can get sideways and lose money like I did they didn’t understand it and so it’s hard for them

44:29 to Market it yeah yeah

44:36 I think I feel like um if she’s a really good copywriter and

44:41 she understands the world that could be really helpful towards the direct mail campaign yes and especially with your dreams and

44:48 goals like it doesn’t sound like it sounds like one of them is branding and then one of them is like

44:55 um I forget what it’s called direct response marketing where it’s like you’re gonna get a transaction you’re gonna get a conversion out of it quicker

45:02 whereas like I feel like with the ten thousand dollar a month you could be going on TV shows having keynote

45:08 speeches and they may produce they may not for like 12 months but then the 12 months after that you might blow up

45:14 whereas like the 5 000 a month girl I feel like she’s gonna

45:19 you know it’s far more targeted I think exactly it’ll be lead generation exactly

45:26 targeted lead generation you’ll get 10 investors in two months or something like that you know yeah and it is I mean

45:31 there’s a lot of brand awareness and she’d probably modify my website you know it’s always a work in

45:37 progress trip campaigns everything yeah yeah well there we go

45:43 all right last couple questions for you what is one limiting belief that

45:48 continues to pop up in your life if any I’m full of them uh I’m not worthy uh I

45:57 don’t I don’t have the expertise I don’t think they’re gonna like me I I mean everything comes up

46:03 right it’s it’s self-doubt absolutely self-doubt

46:09 comes up all the time actually so I have two coaches right now I have the sales coach and then I have a high performance

46:14 Coach and he’s the one that does a lot of that mindset stuff like you need to

46:19 get out of your own head yeah so it’s It’s weekly mindset workshops which are useful and it’s good

46:26 to have that Mastermind team there as well for sure for sure

46:32 I love it so you have these limiting beliefs but you have coaches for the limiting beliefs

46:39 question do you have any actions that reinforce your limiting beliefs so you have the limiting belief and then you

46:45 act based on that belief which gets you the results of that limiting belief yeah hey you know if you think it’s

46:52 gonna fail it will fail it’s like when you ride a mountain bike and you’re staring at that rock you will hit that rock and go over

46:59 um yeah you know it’s like the cheesy thing it’s like having a case

47:05 on the Monday sometimes you just have a bad day or you get rejected an investor wants in and then they back out for

47:11 something it’ll knock you it’ll knock the wind out of you take the wind out of shells and I

47:16 at some point you got to realize you can’t let that get to you you can have your own pity party pity

47:22 parties are fine for five minutes but you need to get over it move on that’s the hard part you got to figure out and

47:27 that’s what I’m working on so I’ve been listening to these podcasts or like the

47:33 daily motivational podcasts it’s good they’re like five or ten minutes long and they have Snippets of

47:39 motivational speakers yelling in your ear about just get up and do it so it helps just

47:46 get away from the computer listen to those motivational speeches and get your mindset straight and get back to work

47:51 yeah alrighty last question for you actually we got two more my bad okay

47:59 if you were to change your limiting beliefs into an abundant phrase that really

48:04 spoke to your heart what would that phrase be oh man that’s deep

48:10 um you gotta start off with a limiting phrase

48:19 we can hit one of the three from earlier either I’m not worthy no expertise they may know or any of the other ones

48:25 if you have any more um yeah I think the

48:33 like I I don’t know that my investors are going to convert for me to even go into this deal I don’t know that I’ll be

48:39 able to raise enough my sales coach kind of sets it gives us

48:44 the the talks it’s like no you can do it even if you’re not raising success successfully in the beginning you you

48:51 will win the fourth quarter you are the fourth quarter athlete and you will make it happen uh just it’s the whole man in the arena

48:59 quote I actually have it hanging above here right it’s getting the arena and just go

49:07 stop the stop with the the limiting beliefs you are a fourth quarter winner yeah

49:13 I love it last question what is your favorite belief about yourself

49:22 um you know what’s funny I I throughout life I have put myself in very

49:29 stretch goal positions like I both uh random story I built an aircraft an

49:36 experimental airplane had I ever built an airplane before no I’ve engineered them but I’ve never hand built a little

49:42 two-seater aircraft had no idea how to do it but friends and I we just did it we just

49:48 got in there and did it and we figured it out I mean I I can take that story and look at so many other times in my

49:53 life when I just just decided to take that leap of faith and I’m gonna figure it out and so far I

50:00 have succeeded in all of those leap of faiths so I’m just gonna go do this taking this leap of faith and so far I’m

50:06 succeeding sounds like you’re talking yourself into ten thousand dollars a month worth of marketing

50:11 four or five yeah or five or five

50:17 there we go I like that though I like that well awesome Flint that’s all we got for you man is there anything else you want to chat about before we sign on

50:22 no I think that’s good you can reach out to me at uh invest with it’ll

50:29 take you to my site that’s this capital sounds good if you guys were listening to this and you loved what Flint had to

50:35 say make sure to check him out at invest with that will be down in the show notes thank

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