How Networking is the Advantage to Creating Freedom with Flint Jamison

3 Degrees of Freedom
Hosted by Derek Clifford

This week on the 3 Degrees of Freedom podcast, we are joined by Flint Jamison, a former aerospace engineer and program manager who spent 20 years designing the wing structure of the Boeing 787 and managing a $120 million program modifying aircraft for the military. After enduring a great deal of burnout, Flint started building a new financial future for his family by purchasing cash-flowing real estate in 2018. 

In this episode, we dive into Flint’s story of how he created financial freedom for himself and his family. We explore how networking was the advantage to creating freedom, as well as how he built his real estate portfolio from a single duplex to commercial real estate. Flint shares with us his current levels of freedom in the “three degrees” – location, time, and financial. We also discuss why he kept burning out, the involvement of his family in his decision-making, and what he likes about the build-to-rent space. Tune in to hear how Flint has leveraged networking and real estate to create a life of freedom.

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