Successful Syndication and Asset Class Transitions with Flint Jamison

How Did They Do It?
Hosted by Aileen Prak

Revamp your successes and unlock a fulfilling life by exploring the power of syndication and transitioning into different asset classes with real estate expert Flint Jamison. Dial in as he takes you on an empowering journey, revealing the secrets to his success in syndicating deals and enhancing property values. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Key Takeaways to Listen for

  • Pros and cons of using turnkey services to handle BRRRR deals
  • Methods to help you conquer mental hurdles and shift careers effectively
  • Valuable lessons you can learn from successful real estate syndication deals
  • Why you should invest in build-to-rent properties
  • The biggest risk in the value-add space you should look out for

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

About Flint Jamison

Flint is the founder of Vestus Capital, helping to educate engineering leaders on how they can grow and protect their wealth by passively investing in commercial real estate. He spent 20 years in aerospace as an engineer and program manager and finished his career managing a $120 million program modifying aircraft for the military. As a former engineering leader with much burnout, Flint started building a new financial future for his family by purchasing cash-flowing real estate in 2018. After his first duplex, he quickly pivoted to commercial real estate, where he found the most efficient path to financial freedom.

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