Taking Action And Invest Passively In Real Estate

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Hosted by Abel Pacheco

Flint Jamison is the Founder of Vestus Capital, with an impressive 20-year background in aerospace as an engineer and program manager, Flint’s career highlights include his renowned design contributions to the wing structure of the Boeing 787. In his final role, he successfully oversaw a $120 million program focused on aircraft modifications for military purposes.

Flint established Vestus Capital, aiming to educate fellow engineering leaders on the methods to expand and safeguard their wealth through passive investments in commercial real estate. Through Flint’s guidance, investors have broken free from the unpredictability of Wall Street, discovering a sense of financial serenity by venturing into the realm of real estate investments.

Tune in now as Flint provides insight for an insightful conversation on how to navigate this ever-changing industry!

[00:01 – 03:52] Opening Segment

Introducing Flint to the show! Flint is the Founder of Vestus Capital

[03:53 – 12:43] Taking Risks And Taking The Leap

He helps educate investors on how to grow and protect wealth taking a risk by selling everything he owned, flying to New Zealand, and working odd jobs for a year. His experience helped him become more extroverted and comfortable with uncomfortable situations. Experiencing burnout from working long hours in aerospace and decided to pursue entrepreneurship

[12:44 – 28:30] Taking Action And Invest Passively In Real Estate

You don’t have to be an expert in all aspects. Find one thing that you’re good at and take action soonerInvesting and networking with people. Diversifying your investor’s portfolio

[28:31 – 36:12] Closing Segment

Flint suggests taking action and not letting fear drive you to take no action. See the links below to connect with Flint!


“You never go small, you always go big. That is your gift, and you have tons of big things. You will do this too, grab onto your accomplishments and let that give you some peace.” – Flint Jamison

“If you try to force something so hard and it doesn’t happen, you really disappoint yourself. But if you keep your eyes open to the opportunities that just kind of fall your way.” – Flint Jamison

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