The Three Phases of Creating Build-to-Rent Communities

Accelerated Real Estate Investor
Hosted by Josh Cantwell

If your first real estate deal involved buying a simple single family home or duplex, lining up financing and then quickly escalated into getting overly involved with every step of the process, you probably thought to yourself, “This isn’t a new financial future–this is another job!”

Well, today’s guest, Flint Jamison, had this exact feeling–and that’s why he got into multifamily and build-to-rent communities. He spent 20 years in the aerospace industry and managed a $120 million program modifying aircraft for the military, but has been in real estate since 2018. 

Now, at Vestus Capital, he’s helping his partners break free from the Wall Street rollercoaster and find financial freedom and peace of mind through multifamily investing. And the best part is, he’s sharing how he does it with us here today.

In this conversation, we get into the 94-unit townhome community he’s raising capital on right now, the three phases of build-to-rent communities, and how to make sure you’re not giving yourself an extra job as you build your real estate portfolio. 

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Key Takeaways with Flint Jamison

  • Why there’s so much demand for build-to-rent communities right now.
  • How much Flint invests in these properties, and how he increases value in each development phase. 
  • How failing on his first partner syndication drove Flint to focus on capital raising.
  • Why having a great relationship with your builders will make every part of your life easier. 
  • How Flint delivers for his investors–and why successful syndications became a pillar on his journey to financial freedom. 

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