Why Giving Up Is Not an Option

Work Hard Invest Harder
Hosted by Justin Dixon

Overcome your fear of failure and grow as a real estate investor in today’s episode with Flint Jamison, as he shares the lessons from a half-failure deal that became the cornerstone of his triumph. He also talks about an investing model you can capitalize on in today’s market. So tune in now to build your success from the ground up!

Key takeaways to listen for:

Real estate syndications: How it works, its challenges, and how to solve them Why hiring a sales coach is a total game-changer Build-to-rent homes: What they are and their advantages What investment opportunities are present in the current real estate market? The best thing someone can do when investing in real estate


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About Flint Jamison

Flint spent 20 years in aerospace as an engineer and program manager. The most recognizable part of his career was designing the wing structure of the Boeing 787. He finished his career managing a $120 million program modifying aircraft for the military.

As a former engineering leader who endured much burnout, Flint started building a new financial future for his family by purchasing cash-flowing real estate in 2018. After his first duplex, he quickly pivoted to commercial real estate, where he found the most efficient path to financial freedom.

Flint founded Vestus Capital to help educate other leaders on how they can grow and protect their wealth by passively investing in commercial real estate.

Connect with Flint

Website: Vestus Capital LinkedIn: Flint Jamison Facebook: Vestus Capital

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